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Key Features

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Makes short work of ivy and other ground cover. All models (except 150) ride a 6 inch curb while edging.
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No more hand-clipping grass and weeds near fences or walls. Just turn blade flat and mow (except 8” front wheel models).
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Adjust cutting blade to any angle for easy edging along fences or flower beds.
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Tilt edger upon front wheel to trim circles and curves the easy, professional way!

General Construction

Edgers are all steel, using heavy gauge metals and tubing. Handles are arc welded to provide solid construction that resists fractures even under extreme operating conditions. All units have the handle braced to the engine to form a secure feel and reduce vibration. All hardware is nylock or whizlock type to guard against backing off during use. All controls are spring loaded positive locking. Manual disengagement clutch is standard on all models. With the use of such high quality materials, it’s easy to see why Power-Trim edgers are "The Professional's Choice."

Base Plate

A full steel base plate, stamped and formed, is the beginning of each and every Power-Trim edger. This full base plate, unlike bolted straps or bent tubing, cradles the engine and retards dirt and debris from reaching the engine area.


All Power-Trim edgers come equipped with 7" x 1.5" full steel wheels and solid rubber tires. All wheels have back-to- back hub industrial type ball bearings. Special neoprene seals are on all bearings to keep dirt and moisture out.

Note: On models using the 8" x 2.75" front wheel the tire is a 100 lb. load series.

Cutter Head Bearing

Power-Trim edgers employ an automotive water pump type cutter head bearing which is permanently sealed to resist dirt and moisture. The bearing assembly is pressed fit and recessed away from the blade to avoid seals being damaged from debris being caught between blade and bearing. The bearings have lifetime lubrication and never require any greasing.


Edgers come fitted with a 10" x 2" x .080 thickness, heavy duty spring steel blade. Blades are installed on the bearing shaft between two sets of washers - one set of heat-treated hardened steel for strength and one set of fiber slip washers for added safety.

Note: Use only genuine Power-Trim replacement blades. Although many after-market edger blades are available, Power-Trim cannot attest to the quality of any other blade but their own.

Belt Tensioning Spring

All units employ a closely wound spring on the sidearm to generate the same belt tension in all operating positions. This feature increases belt life considerably.

Blade Tilting Lever

The blade tilting lever consists of a three-piece 7 gauge cold rolled steel design and locks into tapered adjusting notches on the sidearm via a heavy duty torsion spring. Notches on the sidearm are "V" tapered to compensate for wear (lever is under constant tension pulling to bottom arc of "V") thus avoiding vibration as wear occurs.

Dirt Deflector

The dirt deflector is made of heavy steel three-piece rigid construction and the flap is made of reinforced rubber and bolted to guard for maximum durability. Deflector travels with the sidearm in all operating positions to insure maximum safety for the user.

Sidearm Main Pivot

Power-Trim's sidearm main pivot is affixed to the main frame using a heat-treated shoulder bolt which is spring-loaded to compensate for wear. This steel bolt is virtually impossible to bend assuring proper alignment even after years of service.